ASPIRE Summer Internship 2020 Application - Engineering

ASPIRE Summer Internship 2020 Application - Engineering

Thank you for your interest in applying to JHU APL's ASPIRE Internship. Once you begin this application you will not be able to save your progress. Please double check that you are applying under the correct application before continuing.

Contact Information

At this time, we will only be considering students who reside locally or who are staying locally with a relative over the summer. Students who are not local to APL must supply the address where they will be residing over the summer along with the name and relationship of the person with whom they will be staying. APL does not provide housing and is not located at the campus of the Johns Hopkins University. Applications from students without a confirmed plan for housing will not be considered.

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Minimum Requirements - Only students who meet the minimum criteria will be considered. More information can be found at our website, here

JHU APL is a secure facility, so only US Citizens are eligible to participate in this program. Unfortunately, green card holders are not eligible to participate.

JHU APL is located at 11100 Johns Hopkins Road, Laurel, MD 20723. APL is not accessible by public transportation.

Student Interest

This summer, ASPIRE applicants are also invited to apply for the high school cohort of the CIRCUIT program. CIRCUIT (Cohort-based Integrated Research Community for Undergraduate Innovation and Trailblazing), is excited to include trailblazing ASPIRE candidates who are interested in developing technical skills through hands-on, team-based research and supportive enrichment activities and training. Trailblazers are defined as high-achieving scholars who face barriers in achieving their dreams (e.g., those from underserved backgrounds, women and other minorities in STEM fields, and students without a previous chance to earn research experience). The CIRCUIT program runs concurrently with ASPIRE and has additional student requirements. As part of the CIRCUIT cohort, high school students work 40 hours per week at the APL campus during the summer session, attending all relevant CIRCUIT workshops, seminars, presentations, and research meetings. CIRCUIT-ASPIRE students may also have the opportunity to continue their internship into the academic year session, working 10 hours per week on-site and meeting with cohorts at least once a week through the 2020-2021 school year. Though your internship will begin in June, your participation in the CIRCUIT-ASPIRE program begins with afterschool classwork once per week, February 24th-May 22nd 2020 on-site at JHU APL as part of our STEM Academy. These classes are completely free of cost to the student and will help our trailblazers hit the ground running in the summer. These classes are not optional, and students who apply to the CIRCUIT-ASPIRE program must be able to attend. In exchange, you will receive an exciting, cohort-based experience and a chance to be on a team participating in cutting-edge research, professional development, student competitions, and fun activities! You can find out more about this opportunity, here.

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Student Skills and Experience

Possibilities include, but are not limited to, AutoCAD, C++, MATLAB, Java, Python, SolidWorks, and Microsoft Excel

Self-Evaluation (Please note that all questions in this section are optional.)

In this case, "first-generation" is defined as a student where neither of their parents or guardians received a four-year degree in the United States.

Availability and Documentation

ASPIRE students must complete 25 internship hours on-site per week

Unofficial transcripts are acceptable

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